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We hereby take this opportunity to sincerely thank to all over existing and non-existing clients based in all over UAE. Prestige Group UAE has risen to the forefront of manpower industries with the successful completion of various projects. As a leading manpower company in UAE, our major commitment is to expand capabilities. These capabilities include our expertise in supplying our labors for construction, engineering, oil and gas, manufacturing, IT, mining, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

To employers, Prestige Group UAE maintains the highest standard of professionalism, ethics, trustworthiness, and expertise. Our well-trained and experienced team is always committed to complete each assignment with speed and accuracy. To candidates, Prestige Group UAE is a sound career adviser who cans open doors to best opportunities. Our customers’ continuously experience that their expectation are met on time with greater efficiency and responsiveness than they expect. The continued success of our organization depends upon our customers’ trust and we are dedicated to protecting that trust. With our professional services, winning the hearts of our stake holders, the Prestige group UAE is moving towards a better & prosperous future.

Yours sincerely

For Prestige Group UAE

Ahmed Aqel Omar Al Dywailah


Our Company guarantees commitment there by empowering customer satisfaction and long term business partnership in trust and confidence. Takes pride with the technical knowledge and proficiency in the man power supply and documentation which focus on the immediate response to the needs of our clients. We are also committed on providing our clients with highly trained and experienced workers who are well oriented to fit into the culture that prevails at the country of job location.


Prestige group of companies provides high standard maintenance service for both their existing clients and those who are seeking a reputable service provider. As we provide maintenance for all projects we have engineered and constructed, we have high expertise in this field and have acquired massive experience with it over the years. Services provided include and are not limited to carpentry, painting, aluminum works, and tiles.


In this new era of Industrial Growth all the industries have to maintain a regular pace so that they can walk to foot to foot with the world. Manpower is the backbone of industries. It can enhance the name of the company or can hamper the name. Our company, prestige group is best in services. We have all grades of manpower.


Prestige group UAE has an extensive recruitment program designed to find the very best candidates for you .we are confident in our ability to match the right people to the right positions based on careful analysis of their skills, experience and personality .Upon receiving instruction to recruit new employees we will meet with the appropriate members of you team to obtain a job description and discuss selection criteria .we believe our quality service is enhanced through client interaction. Our repeated business from satisfied clients is a reflection of this.


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